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Welcome to Meelfoy Games

Building Fun and Ethical Experiences.


Our games aren't just code; they're crafted dreams, tales of enchantment, and innovative escapades.


Our Mission

We are a close-knit team of driven individuals, united by a shared vision: to redefine Free-To-Play gaming. Ethical, captivating, and crafted with care, our games stand as a testament to our commitment to players worldwide.


In a rapidly evolving industry, we pride ourselves on staying ahead. Embracing the latest technologies, we ensure our games remain fresh, exciting, and innovative.

User Experience

You, the player, are at the heart of our universe. We design each experience with you in mind, ensuring every moment is unforgettable.


Step into worlds woven with tales and emotions. With us, gaming is more than just play; it's a journey of discovery and immersion.


Together, we're more than just gamers; we're a family. A diverse group, united in our love for gaming and the shared experiences it brings.

Our Games

From cute pets to rogue AIs, our games offer something for all types of players.


Contact Us

For inquiries, feedback, or just to say hello, please contact us using one of the following:



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